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Auro industrial city is a one of the modern industrial cities which meets the requirements to setup manufacturing industries. It is strategically located on the Visakhapatnam-Chennai industrial corridor in 5500 acres of multi product industrial area with SEZ & DTA options. Kakinada Gateway Port is an in-zone commercial seaport with 1650 acres of backup land under construction on the vast coastline of AP which is 974km facilitating exports & imports of industries in Auro Industrial City as well as other industries in the hinterland. Kakinada, being one of the largest cities in the state of Andhra Pradesh which has been ranked no.1 by World Bank for ease of doing business in 2018, has a GSDP of 12% growth in India making it ideal for Brownfield & Greenfield projects ventures.

Strategic Location

Andhra Pradesh has a vibrant fast-growing economy with a strong agriculture and industrial base. The state has the second longest coastline and number of ports. AP has significant water resources from the river Godavari and the river Krishna, and has abundant natural resources. The state also has surplus power, well connected roads and high availability of skilled labor.

    • The GSDP of Andhra Pradesh at the current prices for year 2019-20 is estimated at Rs 972782 Crores as per the socio-economic survey of Andhra Pradesh 2019-20.The growth in 2019-20 was 8.16% significantly higher than the all India GDP growth rate of 5% as per advance estimates
    • The per capita income of Andhra Pradesh (2019-20) at current prices has registered a growth of 12.14% which significantly exceeds all India per capita income growth of 6.25% during the same period
  • The industry sector (excluding IT & ITES) contributes to 23% of the state GDP and has seen a growth of 5.67% in 2019-20.
  • Key industry segments in Andhra Pradesh include Agro and Food Processing , Chemicals &  Petrochmicals, Glass & Ceramics, Textile & Garments, Toys & Board Games, Furniture, etc
Location of Kakinada in the southern map

Demographics of Kakinada district, Andhra Pradesh, India

  • 23 lakh population
  • 70.5% literacy rate
  • 25.5% urbanization
  • 50% female workforce

Resources in Proximity

Marine Resources


Oil & Gas

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Industrial Focus

  • Marine food processing
  • Agro & food processing
  • Toy Manufacturing
  • Refinery & Petrochemical
  • Downstream Petrochemical
  • Chemicals
  • Oil & Gas service Industries
  • Logistics Park
  • Ceramics & Glass
  • Solar Panel Manufacturing
  • Electronics Manufacturing
  • Handloom & Textile